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KindyROO was founded in Australia in 1982 on the basis that early neurological development of young children is integral to later learning and development. Uniquely focused on extensive scientific research and knowledge of neurodevelopment, the programme has evolved over thirty years plus into an effective, engaging and comprehensive series of structured classes for babies from six weeks of age up to five years old.

KindyROO aims to enrich the learning potential and health of children, by providing a fun and educational environment in which parent and child can bond and learn together. We believe it is vital for parents to have an understanding of the significance of stimulating activities in early childhood, and by sharing this experience with your child you will be empowered to flourish in your role as your child’s first and most important teacher.

Our own teachers have all completed a 3 year tertiary qualification, have completed the initial training as a KindyROO teacher and undertake extensive in-house professional development.

Here at KindyROO we passionately believe better living and better learning begin at birth:

Better Living

1) Physical - KindyROO helps kids enhance their physical abilities by developing:

  • Foundational movement patterns essential for complex skill attainment
  • Gross and fine motor skills crucial for educational excellence
  • Coordination, posture and balance
  • Strength & cardio-respiratory health

2) Social - KindyROO helps kids enhance their social abilities by developing:

  • Socialisation and interaction with others
  • Trial and error learning
  • Sharing and turn taking
  • Ability to listen & follow instructions

3) Emotional - KindyROO helps kids enhance their emotional abilities by developing:

  • Secure attachment with parent
  • Emotional regulation skills
  • Experiences of challenge and success in a safe environment
  • Good communication

4) Cognitive or learning - KindyROO helps kids enhance their learning abilities by developing:

  • Good posture, balance, motor coordination and planning
  • Listening skills, ability to follow instructions and complete tasks
  • Independent control of their left and right sides and awareness of their dominant side
  • Problem solving skills, ability to think and create new ideas

Better Learning

1) Concentration - KindyROO helps kids enhance their ability to concentrate by developing:

  • Good balance
  • Listening skills and to focus without distraction
  • Understanding through repetition, routine and structure
  • Mature sensory sorting system

2) Reading - KindyROO helps kids enhance their reading skills by developing:

  • Visual skills
  • Enjoyment through visualisation
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary building

3) Writing - KindyROO helps kids enhance their writing skills through:

  • Mature pencil grip
  • Developing the dominant side of their body and ability to cross the midline
  • Strong muscles, especially the back, shoulder and arms
  • Hand-eye coordination

4) Maths - KindyROO helps kids enhance their skills in maths by developing:

  • Rhythm and music
  • Awareness of concepts
  • Pattern recognition
  • Visualisation skills

Under the guidance of fully qualified professionals, your child will flourish through structured and fun activities such as massage, exercise, dance, rhyme and music – all devised to encourage early neurological development and enable your child to lay the essential foundations for school-readiness.

Essential foundations

We have a unique scientific focus, drawing on over 30 years of scientific research and development to ensure that KindyROO kids work towards and achieve a series of neurological milestones. Our activities are age-appropriate and meticulously planned, allowing your baby, toddler, or pre-school aged child to develop, practice and perfect skills essential for healthy physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

Developmental milestones