About the Program

KindyROO is a science based sensory motor perceptual program. It consists of activities and games that stimulate the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of babies and children.
To put it in one phrase, the program is “neurology disguised as play”.
We work towards achieving the neurological milestones for each age group and we help you, the parent, become your child’s first teacher.

More information

Our educational program covers a series of 8 levels, divided by age and spread over 5 years. In the weekly classes you will learn what is necessary for the optimal development of your child’s brain and body and with what motor and sensory stimuli to support it. You can join at any time during our school year. A typical KindyROO year has 4 terms of 10 weeks each.

It is important to emphasize that brain development requires repetition and continuous work, so it is necessary for us to work together as a team – we show you in class various ideas and exercises and we hope that you will replicate them at home. Through play you will not only bond with your child but will help him/her to develop in a natural way.

KindyROO children stand out in the classroom and develop:

  • Balance, coordination, motor activity.
  • Concentration and learn to follow instructions.
  • Self-confidence and social skills needed for teamwork.
  • Visual and language skills that prepare the transition to the reading phase.
  • Strong hands, fingers and backs – important for the writing phase.
  • Feeling of consistency and rhythm, necessary for the study of mathematics and logical sciences.

What happens in practice:

With the guidance of your KindyROO teacher every week you and your child will:

  • Do exercises to create good muscle tone, strength and flexibility.
  • Stimulate all seven of your child’s senses, and especially the vestibular that is the link between all of them.
  • Develop visual, auditory and speaking skills.
  • Develop a sense of music and rhythm.

During most of the lesson we work as a group but there is also time for the child to discover and explore things on his own. We use lots of special equipment and care for all the details, even the music we use is written and recorded specifically for us in New Zealand at a frequency appropriate for children’s hearing.

See which class is suitable for your child’s age:

Platypus – from 6 weeks to crawling
Wombat – from crawling to walking
Penguin – from walking to 18 months
Koala – from 18 mths to 2 y.o.
Wallaby – from 2 y.o. to 2y. 6mths.
Kangaroo – from 2y. 6mths. to 3 y.o.
Possum – from 3y.o. to 4 y.o.
Emu – from 4 y.o. to 5 y.o.