The program was created in Australia in 1983 by Margaret Sasse, a mother of five children and an early child development expert. Today KindyROO is present in over 15 countries and still promotes the natural and healthy growth of babies and children up to 5 years of age. Its success lies in the consistent, stimulating and age appropriate motor and sensory experiences that aid proper brain development.
We will not bore you with a lecture on neurology, but we all know how helpless the newborn baby is and how years will pass until he/she begins to use its full brain functions. This is because after birth active are only the so called “lower levels” of the brain (the spinal cord, the brainstem). As baby grows the continuous and sequential “switching on” of the different parts and centres of the brain happens and that enables the higher cognitive functions to occur. The whole process of integration is gradual and requires various sensory and motor stimuli. Those stimuli should follow the natural stages of development, should be specific, repetitive and age appropriate. This is the best way to create the brain “connections” needed for optimum functioning. A child with a well-integrated brain and body will have the potential to learn and develop his/her talents to the fullest.
In order to ensure that the program is up to date, KindyROO teams around the world, and especially at our headquarters in Australia, monitor and implement innovations from number of areas such as paediatrics, pedagogy, psychology and neurology. Dr. Jane Williams, director of KindyROO, is a recognized author with numerous scientific publications who works with leading world experts. She regularly visits Europe for meeting with parents and for training the KindyROO team as part of our continuous professional development program.
Our goal is for babies and young children to have the opportunity to go through all stages of their development in the best possible way and to join school ready to learn. For that to happen their neurological age should be at least at the level of their chronological one. Our, KindyROO children, achieve great success in this direction and excel in academia, sport and leadership.